Hey there!

My parents were hippies and named me after Angela Davis and when I don’t blow dry my hair I could almost have a frizz like her, but my skin is white and I have a German passport. My last name sounds Jewish and many suitcases in the concentration camp in Auschwitz reminded me years ago that my family could have suffered from the Nazis. However, they were Roman Catholics. Not wine-makers as one might assume, just traders, and my other grandfather made shoes. My grandmother was a working woman after the second world war. A mother of many. My parents moved away from home to follow their hippie dream and help underprivileged children. Guess what? That might have made me the person that I am today. In grade seven I wrote my first short story which was actually published in an anthology. I wrote a play and wanted to become a writer/actress. Because I’m good with human relationships I ended up in Human Resources and became an interculturalist and an Expat Coach for people like Heidi and Govind and their children Anya and Anush who speak Hindi, Swiss-German, and English as native languages.

On weekdays, I’m on a mission to bring the Human Touch back into Global Mobility. On Saturdays, I tend to my container garden and eat Chicken Tikka Masala with my partner, and on Sundays, I dabble in creative writing as my evil twin sister Vivienne M. Sharma.

Besides sitting in airport lounges and sipping on a Bombay Sapphire and Tonic, I dream of living in a hotel suite. My journey led me to work in Germany, the UK, Australia, India, and Switzerland and I’m hoping to travel the world as a DIGITAL NOMAD when I grow up. 

Contact me for Global Mobility, Expat Experience, Global Talent and Leadership Development, Culture Transformation, Transcultural Communication, Diversity and Inclusion, Social Recruiting, Global Talent Acquisition, Digital Organization of your Global, Virtual Teams, Global Career Planning, and Transition Planning for Expats and Expat Spouses.