Global Mobility Consulting Offering

Angie Weinberger consults on these five strategic themes in Global Mobility:

1) The Sustainable Expat Experience 

2) The Push for Rainbow Talent in Global Mobility

3) The Concern for the mental health and well-being of expats and their families

4) The Technology Holy Grail enabling Human Touch

5) The Recruitment of female and minority talent from around the world.

Expat Coaching

  • We support your expat population and their partners directly and will coach them through our RockMeApp.
  • We offer an “Expat Helpline” for any issues that might arise in preparation of an assignment, during the assignment or repatriation.
  • We respond to the needs of various user groups in direct interaction (Expat, Expat Spouse, Global Mobility Manager). 

Metrics and Data

  • Helping clients define their goals and metrics
  • Assisting clients in understanding their data and what they are missing
  • Designing surveys for target groups

Policy Re-Design 

  • Design Global Mobility Policy
  • Develop and update the Benefit Matrix
  • Review for inclusive language in English


  • Draft or review contract templates
  • Review one-pagers and Intranet content
  • Draft and review email templates

Process Design and Digitization of the Expat Experience

  • Build platforms for seamless communication and documentation.
  • Enhance compliance in the Global Expat Payroll.
  • Simplify billing and invoicing of external providers.

Legal Consultations

  • New hires and international transfers in the process of moving to another country.
  • International Transferees regarding pension building, health care, contractual agreement, and repatriation.
  • Global nomads regarding pension building, health care, contractual agreements, and repatriation.

Global Mobility Academy

Global Mobility Academy is a ten-day in-house talent development program to train your team on the processes of Global Mobility. We also teach soft skills to become a better Global Mobility Manager.  The format, length, and content are adaptable to the client. Currently, each training day consists of four modules that could also be delivered as 40 x  90-Minute sessions. The Academy can be accompanied by content from the Expatise Academy.

Please book an appointment here to discuss what you are looking for.

Angie Weinberger, Global Mobility Consultant

“I’m on a Mission to Bring the Human Touch back into Global Mobility (through Digitalization).”