The Global Mobility Workbook

“Global Mobility” is currently undergoing a global transformation. New technologies, the constant evolution of companies, generational diversity and political situations have evolved the roles and lives of mobile professionals faster than existing policies can keep up, calling for a clear focus on the processes to be updated to cater better for the people we serve.


Why buy THE GLOBAL MOBILITY WORKBOOK and our learning support?

“Global Mobility” is currently undergoing a global transformation. New technologies, the constant evolution of companies, generational diversity, and political situations have evolved the roles and lives of mobile professionals faster than existing policies can keep up, calling for a clear focus on the processes to be updated to cater better for the people we serve.

Are you, as a Global Mobility Professional, feeling overwhelmed by the speed and scope of this ‘boom’? Perhaps you need to introduce yourself to the field and get a better, broader overview of Global Mobility.

Maybe you are in HR or a line manager and want to ensure that you are becoming an employer of choice for younger generations demanding “Global Mobility” as a prerequisite for working with you.

Or, you are just on the brink of deciding for or against an international assignment as an expat or expat family and want better to understand the language we use.


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How we will help you

Working with “The Global Mobility Workbook” and our learning support will enable you to

· run your Global Mobility in a more strategic way by deeper understanding of the trends and drivers of Global Mobility,

· develop and sort your legal framework, policies, guidelines, exception management,

· give you models for improving how you explain what we do to the outside world,

· support expats and their spouses and enhance their “Expat Experience” through training, coaching and deeper understanding of the psychological effects of cultural adjustment,

· develop your professional profile and “Global Competency”.

In order to make the expat experience worthwhile for their careers and the support for their families even better, it takes people who want more than ticking off a checklist.

It takes dedicated professionals and it needs personal communication with the entire expat family. We want to bring the human touch back into our process-driven work.

That is just the tip of what Global Mobility truly is, and “The Global Mobility Workbook” provides not only a baseline starting point to understanding the field but is a hands-on manual for people in HR, line managers, expats, and their spouses.

What you can expect from us

Establishing the Global Mobility Brand. Strategic classification of international assignments for the "business case", integration of the assignment in succession planning and more.

Optimizing the Global Mobility Process. Optimizing the operational handling of Global Mobility in all corporate processes from recruiting, via talent development to localization. We explain basic principles without the technical details that overwhelm beginners in the field.

Defining Global Mobility Clients. Focusing on the experience of expatriates and their spouses, as well as on the process of monitoring those who are affected, including their safety and health. We also give an overview of emergency situations.

Building the Global Mobility Team. Presenting Global Competency as a key component in the career development of Global Mobility Professionals. It’s a mix of knowledge, attitude, skills, reflected experience and body learning. We also coach you along the way and develop an online learning plan together.

Our Learning Support

We engage you (the learner) with a free 12-months account in our RockMeApp. This is our career planner and online coaching platform (valued at 250 CHF/USD). You need to contact us once you bought the book for these extras:

Goal Setting: At the beginning of our journey together you set goals for yourself.

Homework: Most chapters come with a suggestion of a homework.

12 Case Studies: In addition to homework, we provide downloadable cases studies from daily business scenarios. These present you with various international mobility challenges to engage with and analyse real-life situations.

7 Templates: We share templates upon request.

5 Tools: We send you examples how you can run your operations and projects.

3 Checklists: Global Recruitment, Relocation, Social security considerations

What Our Readers Are Saying

A hands-on critical update of the unique workbook enabling practitioners to become competent Global Mobility professionals.

Angela Weinberger offers us in a practical hands-on process the essential what we need to know and do to professionally manage the global mobility which is both rapidly growing and shifting into new contexts. Whether mobility is managed by HR, global mobility specialists, corporate immigration departments, etc., the essential tasks of selection, preparation, guidance, and (re)integration of those who go or work abroad in multinational and global organizations must be unequivocally understood not just in theory but in the practical steps that lead to success. This workbook will enable the user to understand and exercise the required savvy and skills.


Dr. George Simons

Interculturalist, creator of diversophy®

A brilliantly executed and thorough review of the world of Global Mobility. Written with a drawing to all those impacted in the expatriate process to ensure the experience is successful and meaningful… every stakeholder in the global mobility process should read this workbook.


Janet Gruenenfelder

Global Business Consultant

Janet Gruenenfelder

Internationalisierung der Geschäftswelt: Chancen nutzen – Komplexität managen”. Angie Weinberger versteht es in Ihrem Buch eine komplexe Materie anschaulich für HR Professionals und interessierte Expatriates darzustellen. Genauso wie ich Angie persönlich kennengelernt habe, wird auch das Buch nie langweilig und ist mit viel Herzblut für die Entsendeten, das Thema und Unternehmen geschrieben.


Daniel Zinner

Global Mobility Thought Leader und HR Managementberater

A pioneering book in its field, the Global Mobility Workbook remains as relevant as ever. Read it - and learn from one of our industry’s most prolific voices.


Eric Sieber

Mobility Thought Leader, Switzerland

This edition provides excellent strategic narrative, expanding the view of Global Mobility in the context of rapid change in the world of work.

This expanded definition is articulated in the changing nature of the workforce which is well anchored in themes such as Future of Work, Organizational Purpose, Employer Brand and Employee Experience.

Angie states a view, challenges established thinking, and puts forward the case for Mobility as a strategic enabler of the People Agenda in a way which provokes reflection. In the context of the changing role of HR, she very much makes the case for the Mobility function to position itself as a true partner to the business, developing internal consulting, business insight and change capabilities, and a facilitator of outstanding expat experience.

At the same time, we are reminded of well established principles and processes whilst she also brings forward broader talent objectives such as developing cultural competence in leaders, creating high performing teams and exercising duty of care and wellbeing.


Michael Mulroy

Global Talent Mobility Expert

Michael Mulroy

The revised edition of the Global Mobility Workbook provides Global Mobility and HR experts very pragmatic insights about how to best manage a mobile workforce in a constantly changing environment, with a new generation of employees emerging into today’s world of business. The author, Angela Weinberger, is a very experienced Global Mobility expert. She is sharing her expertise, which she gained from a corporate and consulting perspective, with this workbook that includes a lot of very useful hints and tips. Personally, I experienced Angela in several Global Mobility round table discussions organised by Crown World Mobility in Switzerland where she contributed with her views and expertise. I strongly recommend this book as a “must read” to all existing and future Global Mobility Experts.


Giovanni De Carlo

Director Business Development - EMEA

Crown World Mobility

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About the Author


Angela Weinberger

Angie Weinberger is the Global Mobility Coach. She combines executive coaching, her long-standing Global Mobility expertise, and workshop facilitation skills into programs for Global Mobility Professionals, Expats, and Expat Spouses. She’s a recognized guest lecturer in “Global Mobility” and “Intercultural Management” and has worked in HR with an international focus for over 20 years. She has previously written, “The Global Career Workbook” (2016). She has also written a German textbook on managing international assignments into and out of Germany published in 2009, 2010 and 2011. This publication triggered her interest in writing again. Angie’s current projects include building the Global Mobility Function for a private bank, the development of a web application for online coaching called RockMeApp and the RockMeRetreat, a seven-day leadership retreat for expats and their spouses.

Angie also defines herself as an author, social media junkie and Bollywood lover. She has lived and worked in Germany, Switzerland, the UK, India, and Australia. When Angie is not working, she enjoys hiking in the Swiss countryside, watching movies and overindulging on the cooking of her Pakistani partner.

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