The Global Rockstar Album

The Global Rockstar Album

The Global Rockstar Album is a self-help book for managers who want to bring purpose, performance, and productivity to their work while becoming more inclusive servant leaders. The workplace and what it means to be a leader have changed tremendously in the last few decades. Whether you are a manager or an entrepreneur or work in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Human Resources, Leadership Development, Recruiting, or Global Mobility, this book is precisely what you need to explore: What it means to be a good leader in today’s world and how to grow in meaningful and purposeful directions.


The Global Rockstar Album is based on Angie Weinberger’s wealth of experience in supporting globally mobile professionals. She provides a fresh, innovative approach to helping leaders meet the challenges of the diverse, global workplace.Robert Gibson, the Author of  Bridge the Culture Gaps

Dr. George F. Simons in an AI version of the Van Gogh painting "The Starry Night".

The Global Rockstar Album: 21 Verses to Find Your Tact as an Inclusive Leader – A Review by Dr. George F. Simons

Affected by a growing atmosphere of depression and fear over the last several years, I attributed it to my aging self, but in discussion with people a quarter of my age, I found that I was not only not alone in what the author of this book describes as the “valley of tears”, prevailing anxiety over the future of the world, it’s people, politics, ecology, and, above all, the challenge of creating or persisting in a career and a meaningful identity going forward as well as a viable agenda for our life’s activities. Eco-disasters, wars, political upheavals, and populism not only disrupt the present but threaten us with the extinction of life and meaning.

Resistance to this depression, has largely taken the form of public denial and pop psychology optimism, something we used to call the Californication of America, now spreading as a “feel good” metanarrative in opposition to the shadowy world of despair.

There are countless recommended practices for up-to-date management practice and leadership, as well as endless schemas for creating and thriving as one’s authentic self. Some of these may provide temporary relief in the face of those storm clouds threatening our planet and our enterprises. Angie Weinberger has both created and combined some of the best, but more importantly, she has shaped an integrated agenda that serves us as individuals and in concert with each other. This not only provides a new pattern for day-to-day success in the workplace, managing our future today but develops leadership for transforming our tomorrows.

While this book avoids diving into theoretical considerations, it very clearly takes advantage of what we are learning from neuroscience and cognitive psychology about how we may be able to reprogram ourselves by understanding our decision-making processes and establishing and integrating viable habits. While powerful insights may suggest new directions, these frequently fail to be realized because they attempt to avoid the tedious everyday efforts that are required to establish change in ourselves and rewire how we relate to the realities of our environment and communities. While benefiting from numerous contemporary approaches to personal development, this book does not fall into the “simple faith” trap but rather robustly insists on the practical integration, step by step, of what we need to learn, acquire, and do going forward.

In this process, Weinberger does not simply present us with a compendium of practices to be digested and implemented but takes advantage of our growing technical toolbox and know-how. We are provided with online support and a large variety of resources and annexes made accessible as we proceed through the steps of this Rockstar Album.

While there is considerable focus and a variety of exercises on how to contribute to and encourage successful management not only of oneself but of those in your “band”, you don’t have to be an organizational team manager to benefit from these “verses” in your personal, familial, and social life. The groups that we form or are part of may last for decades or only a day. However. in today’s world, the transitory seems increasingly to be the norm. Thus, the need for the insights and savvy that can be ingested and acquired here. 

Onward! Let’s rock!

Dr. George F. Simons is as famous as van Gogh in the intercultural field and can be found at

The Global Rockstar Album: 21 Verses to Find Your Tact as an Inclusive Leader – Reviewed by Inge Nitsche

Change is the only constant in life. That is something that has always been the case, as is the capability of the human race to adapt. After all, without adaptation, we would have been extinct long ago. The challenge, however, is embracing change and living life to the fullest even though not every change is welcome. This capability -the Art of Life- is not a matter of course, certainly not when profound changes take place at an unprecedented high pace while circumstances are troublesome and confusing, like the era we are currently living in.

For the contemporary employee, mastering and holding on to the art of life and finding the right balance between family life, health, bucket list, and career, are even greater challenges. Here, guidance is not an unnecessary luxury, provided it is delivered by someone who learned life’s lessons through self-experience, has a global mindset, and has international work experience gained during an impressive career. Someone who combines a spiritual approach and down-to-earth solutions; makes razor-sharp analyses and expresses findings with empathy and humor.

You will find these rare properties in Angie Weinberger, by far the best coach there is to guide you on your way to becoming an inclusive and servant leader. Her book “The Global Rockstar Album” is a marvelous collection of building blocks that each strike the right chord when looking for structure in your personal and professional life, an indispensable condition to achieve your aims. I wish you a wonderful journey through this book and into the next step in your career!

Inge Nitsche, is the CEO of Expatise Academy.

The Global Rockstar Album – Review written by Matthew Hill

“Rocking my habits until the audience roars!”

What a fabulous book! – This almanac of wisdom can be dipped into or read in a linear fashion. Either way you will have your imagination sparked, your body pampered, and your habits sorted into the reinforceable good ones, and the other less useful ones, that you will then be helped to swap out for more supportive and productive behaviours.

The band metaphor in the title has you being the star and the centre of your rock world, with a song structure layout to the book, including refrains and choruses. It is a fun model for life “on the road”.

We start with the midlife crisis of an expat, though this book will be of value to anyone wishing to leverage their own work life, and find structure and order in their living time, relationships, feelings and thoughts.

With chapter headings such as “Baptize your couch potato”, and “Hold an anxiety party”, you know you are in for a stimulating ride – The latter refers to getting the team together and vomiting out all your anxieties, to have your colleagues rate them as 4/5 – real and needing to be dealt with, or 0/1 – feel free to let them go as they have no reality or impact. A great idea.

This book is about nerve-based freedom, work productivity, leadership, and self-leadership. And the pillars that supports this are reflection, applying the hard learned wisdom of others, caring for yourself, letting go of some of the obsessive behaviours we all indulge in, and processing the inevitable negatives in life intelligently, respectfully, effectively turning them into something useable, useful and uplifting.

If you only help yourself live life better by taking one action this year – Let it be by getting into this book and listening to your wise Auntie Angie – Who has put in so much work to provide this complete guide to living a BETTER LIFE.

Matthew Hill is an Intercultural Sales Guru to be found at Culture99

The Global Rockstar Album – Reviewed by Daniel Zinner

The Global Rockstar Album struck a chord with me on a profound level. As someone who values inclusive leadership, the journey through 21 verses felt like an intimate conversation with a mentor. The book’s emphasis on self-care and starting with baby steps resonated personally, echoing the challenges I’ve faced in my own leadership journey. The approach to dealing with stressors and embracing intercultural principles aligns with a Global Mindset, reflecting our interconnected world. The lessons on empathy, collaboration, and understanding global perspectives align with a broader vision of People & Culture that I deeply connect with. This book isn’t just a guide; it’s a melody, a rhythm that pulses with the heartbeat of modern leadership. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to navigate the complex symphony of a global career with grace, understanding, and true inclusion.

Daniel Zinner is a Global Mobility Consultant, Entrepreneur, Business Angel at and Podcaster at

Who is it for?

The Global Rockstar Album is a book for Rainbow Talent, Managers, Nomads and “Entrepreneuses” and will also be helpful if you are a coach, consultant, or leadership trainer. In it, you will find many ideas, tools, and methods to develop competencies, and leadership skills, make your professional life more accessible, and enrich your personal life.

In this book, Angie Weinberger condensed all the knowledge she acquired through years of experience with professionals and her own experience as a leader in her field. Among her wealth of wisdom in this book are some of her best tips to support your leadership path. You will learn the following:

  • how to identify, get clarity and work on your professional and life goals.
  • how to manage your stressors and learn what to do to reduce their level.
  • how to build the best team and get it to jam like a rock band.
  • what matters when you want to become the best leader you can be.

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Our Learning Support

  • Nine months of access to our RockMeApp: You can use our online coaching platform to develop your global competency, track your goal achievement and work on your weekly practices. 
  • Goal Setting: At the beginning of our journey together, you set three career and life goals for yourself in our RockMeApp.
  • Homework: All chapters come with short homework and reflection exercises.
  • Coaching via the RockMeApp: You will have Angie Weinberger as your virtual coach.
  • Weekly reflection: You will reflect on your progress at the end of each week.
  • Annexes: You will deepen your understanding of crucial topics without interrupting your reading flow.
  • Templates: We will provide ten printable templates for canvases, a communication inventory, and conversion tables.
  • Tools and Technology: We share lists of team collaboration, project management, productivity, relaxation, and other apps to help you be more inclusive.
  • The Top 20 Album Charts: A curated collection of resources we recommend for our RockMeRetreat.

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Angie Weinberger

About the Author

Angie Weinberger is on a Mission to bring the “Human Touch” back into Global Mobility. As the Global Mobility Coach (@GlobalMobilityCoach), she combines executive coaching, her expertise, and workshop facilitation skills into programs for Global People. She has lived and worked in Germany, Switzerland, the UK, India, and Australia.

After graduating in “International Business Studies” from the University of Paderborn in 1997, Angie worked in International Human Resources. She specialized in Human Resources and Global Mobility during her corporate career at a large global bank. One of Germany’s Big Four Professional Services Firms hired her to lead Global Mobility. She moved to Switzerland with the same company in 2009 to lead Global Mobility in Switzerland. Angie Weinberger lectures at universities and consults companies on Global Mobility Transformation. She is a certified Executive Coach (with over 1000 coaching hours), group workshop facilitator, intercultural trainer, and systemic consultant.  

As a certified Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI) and Individual Cultural Blueprint Indicator (ICBI) Qualified Administrator, she runs intercultural competence assessments and teaches how to develop intercultural and diversity competence. Angie Weinberger wrote two workbooks, ”The Global Mobility Workbook,” Third Edition (2019), and “The Global Career Workbook” (2016). She is involved in developing a web application for online coaching RockMeApp. 

Currently, she’s deepening her understanding of depth psychology by studying a three-year course on Transactional Analysis at the Eric Berne Institute, Zurich. Her working languages are English and German. She speaks French and Spanish on a conversational level, understands Swiss German, and has studied Arabic. When Angie Weinberger is not working, she enjoys hiking anywhere, watching movies, and overindulging in the spicy food her partner cooks.

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